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Saffron extract is from the saffron plant. It has many different types of uses. One of the top uses for saffron extract is as an appetite suppressant. There are some studies that even suggest that it helps to curb cravings of certain types of foods. Saffron has long been used as a spice for food. It is also at times used as a food coloring.

Saffron extract may also be used for medicinal purposes as an alternative medicine. Some of the things that some people choose to use it for is infertility, asthma, depression, PMS, and many other types of medical conditions. Sometimes, it may also be used as a supplement to help people who are having trouble sleeping.

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Unlike a lot of other types of things that can be used to help treat certain conditions, saffron extract is considered relatively safe for someone to take if they take as directed. There are not usually very many side effects of it other than just a few simple ones that people will usually get with taking any type of medicine. Some of these may include dizziness and also a dry mouth. As with anything that is used medicinally, there is a chance that a person could potentially take too much of this extract. If this happens, then a person can become very sick and suffer from vomiting among other things.

If someone is considering trying this extract, then they need to talk to their doctor to make sure that there will not be any kind of reaction to any type of medication that they are already on. There has not been extensive research on the effectiveness of this as an alternative medicine to any of these health problems, but there has been some studies that suggest that it does seem to help some people with these conditions.


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